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My old AMV

It was long way now. My last AMV dated by 20 january of 2010. But now 2011 almost finished, and I didn't make any new videos. What a shame... I guess I should look at Darker than black, and end my non-AMV vacation =)

Macross Zero, Not a step back. It was my first fine-looking AMV with drop of sense and beautiful animation. 

I've been experimenting with video from PSP. There was cool feature in Dissidia - you can export videos of your fights and mix them, make them like amv. I make this video just for myself, but then someone ask me to publish it, and here it goes on youtube.

Ah, my famous work. It was published on and many other sites. The story behind this clip is huge. After this amv, my life was changed. But it was good changes. My first AMV in HD.

And the last thing. 5 cm per second - Lifeline. High Definition now is my standard, but in that time my computer disagree's. It was good, oldschool amv, not so original, but I like to watch it.

That's all, thanks for watching. I'm sorry for my english. It's kind of hard to use it after 5 years. Thanks again, and bye ;) 
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